What was perceived as an abduction attempt of a Liberty Elementary School student turned out to be a misunderstanding.

According to Liberty Police Chief Andrew Jordan, after school on Wednesday, Nov. 20, a young female student was walking home from school. She was near the intersection of Elm Street and Indiana 44, which is an entry to the Wil-Mar Subdivision.

A white cargo van pulled up to the intersection. The local man driving the van thought he recognized the student and called out what he thought was her name, by saying “Candace” twice.

The girl looked up, and he saw it was not Candace. She later told authorities she thought the man said the word “candy” twice.
She ran away, and he drove home.

The girl reported the incident to an adult at the school and police were called. They used surveillance footage from NSK to see which way the van went.

They went to the home of the van's driver and questioned him. They found everything to be credible.

Jordan emphasized the student did everything correctly. She thought she was in danger; she fled the area; and she immediately told an adult. She gave a good description of the van and its driver. It really helped in finding the driver so quickly.

Jordan also said children should not talk to strangers under any circumstances, and if something does occur, then do as the female student did: run away, get to a place of safety and tell an adult.